Welcome to PyPlumIO’s documentation!

This project aims to provide complete and easy to use solution for communicating with climate devices by Plum Sp. z o.o.

Currently it supports reading and writing parameters of ecoMAX controllers by Plum Sp. z o.o., getting service password and sending network information to show on controller’s display.

Devices can be connected directly via RS-485 to USB adapter or through network by using RS-485 to Ethernet/WiFi converter.


  1. To use PyPlumIO, first install it using pip:

(.venv) $ pip install pyplumio
  1. Connect to the ecoMAX controller:

>>> connection = pyplumio.open_serial_connection("/dev/ttyUSB0")
>>> await connection.connect()
>>> ecomax = await connection.get("ecomax")
  1. Print some values:

>>> print(await ecomax.get("heating_temp"))
  1. Don’t forget to close the connection:

>>> await connection.close()